Enjoy a two-week free trial of the Accelerated Piano Training Course, and then receive full benefits of the remainder of the course for only $14.95 per lesson.  However, for this month, we are offering a limited-time promotional rate of $9 per lesson.  Instead of driving to a piano teacher and paying them $20 per lesson; by taking this course, you'll pay less than half of that... And you get to watch the lesson videos as many times as you want.

Each week, a new lesson will be unlocked which will help you master the material in a particular lesson before moving on to the next one.  (If you are more advanced at the piano and would like us to unlock some lessons for you, just email us at support@acceleratedpianotraining.com and we would be glad to unlock them for you).  So, a monthly subscription of $39 ($9/wk x 4 1/3 wks/mo) gives you over four lessons worth of material:  Lesson training videos, Quiz videos, and other materials associated with those lessons.  As an added bonus, if you refer someone to this site, and they sign up to take this course, then you'll receive a month's worth of free lessons!  See FAQ's for further details.

The Accelerated Piano Training course is designed to help you learn piano as quickly as possible.  You won't learn any irrelevant material...we make every lesson count.  We start by laying key foundations from which we add accents, dynamics, and all kinds of improvisational techniques.  With Accelerated Piano Training, we have put together a course which makes piano as easy to learn as possible at the fastest rate possible.  If you hear a song on the radio and want to be able to play it on the piano, then this course is for you!  Learn to play modern chord progressions and awesome rhythms.  Get started today by clicking on the "Subscribe" button!

Accounts are set up with PayPal over their secure server.  Once that is complete, then you can login with your username and password, and you'll be able to take the course.  I hope you not only enjoy this course but that you'll develop a gift that will be an inspiration to you and others for years to come!
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