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Welcome to Accelerated Piano Training!  Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn to play or a seasoned veteran who wants to expand your horizons, Accelerated Piano Training is for you!  Lessons for the first two weeks are free...  just click on Free Piano Lessons and enjoy!
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Learn to play by chords and take your music to a whole new level

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Learn modern piano rhythms and chord progressions
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“…The way that he teaches is so amazing.  Accelerated piano training is fun; you can really see an improvement as you are going through the lessons, and you never feel like you are stuck in a rut.  If you are wanting to learn piano from scratch or if you just feel like you are in a rut, give this a try, and you will begin seeing a difference FAST!”  - Andrew Smith, TX

"I learn something new every time."  - Augustine Gayflor, NJ

"Great program!"  - Corinne Hurt

"I love the videos you've made. They're very user-friendly, not boring, and I think will do a great job of teaching people to play. Yeah! I am so glad that I am doing this."  - Lacy Haugan, TX

"I really enjoy your teaching"  - Sam Lee, TX

"In a short time you learn to play piano"  - Anders, Denmark

"I learned piano fast and it was fun"  - Scott Kilgore, TX

"I never thought I could pick up anything, and now I am taking it [piano] to outreach!"  - Angie, CA

"It is very practical, and in a short amount of time you get enough tools to lead worship or help in a band. I feel really happy because I am more confident and very inspired to lead worship. Thank you!"  - Bere Rodriguez, Mexico

"Your videos have really helped me learn so much. It's really been such a blessing."  - Carmen Head, AL

"Incredible... as I have been playing ever since, something has changed and my hands are doing things that I have not done before while playing. It's like my hands have been anointed to play. Incredible! Thank you so much for praying for me! I really really appreciate you and the website you have created. May God bless you abundantly."  - Kevin Burrows, PA
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